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Education | CTS Govt
Mobility and Technology are transforming Education. While they offer an untold number of ways to engage students and create an interactive classroom, the trick is to keep the technology functioning and the teachers in control of the learning environment. CTS makes best-in-class tools available to our Education customers.

Classroom Management

Mobile devices for students create opportunities to learn in more engaging and interactive ways and to foster collaboration. Teachers, however, must be able to monitor what their pupils are viewing and be able to command the attention of their entire class. No teacher should be in a school room without this; classroom management enables them to:

  • See a thumbnail of each student screen
  • Blank screens to pull the focus to the front of the classroom
  • Share the teacher’s screen with the students
  • Send messages to assist students
  • Distribute and collect homework assignments

Content Development

Students learn best when lessons are engaging and interactive. Coursework can easily be converted from flat, static content such as worksheets and videos into dynamic, digital lessons. CTS offers a tool that enables you to do just that. The advantages for the classroom and school district include:

  • Students receive instant feedback
  • Problems are auto-graded, saving teachers hours
  • Real-time digital dashboards show instructors where the class needs more drilling and which students are struggling
  • Differentiates content for individual students and student groups
  • Coursework can be shared across the district

Mobile Devices

Education was one of the earliest adopters of mobile technology, recognizing that it increases student engagement. Whether your district is 1:1, has a cart of devices for every classroom or are still developing your strategy, CTS can help you find the right mobile devices to keep your students engaged.

  • Android devices create a learning environment that is both controlled and collaborative.
  • Chromebooks are cost-effective and easy to deploy.
  • Windows 10 offers teachers and students alike organizational and educational assistance, as well as simple integration into the classroom.
  • Facilities and Maintenance may benefit from rugged devices.
  • Apple products for education must be sourced from the manufacturer.

Peripherals & Accessories

CTS offers the Peripherals & Accessories to make the most of your technology deployments by providing productivity benefits that extend well beyond the classroom.

  • Charge and sync carts keep your devices ready-to-use while storing them securely.
  • Protective cases help shield your devices from accidental damage.
  • Privacy screens keep prying eyes from seeing other people’s screens.
  • Attractive kiosks can hold a device to streamline functions such as visitor sign-in.
  • RFID can help you keep track of your assets.
  • mPOS facilitates financial transactions such as in the refreshment stand in your stadium.
  • Digital schools are trending paperless, but printers that connect to mobile devices are still a necessity.


The proliferation of mobile and connected devices keeps peak demand on your WiFi network. CTS can help you insure that you are always connected.

  • When you need to increase your WiFi capacity, CTS offers solutions that offer superior visibility to IT about who is and how they are using your network without busting your budget.
  • Mobile WiFi enables you to transform your school buses into mobile study halls.
  • Imagine the disaster of a network outage on a test day; CTS has failover solutions to insure that you are always connected.


Audio-Visual Equipment

Interactive displays engage students in the classroom. They are also beneficial to share information on the campus grounds, while offering an opportunity to pay for themselves.

  • Monitors and displays make lessons sharper and clearer.
  • Projectors provide enhanced imaging and increase collaboration.
  • TVs in the classroom are useful to explore a subject in depth and for distance learning.
  • Digital signage improves communications with students, faculty and visitors. It also creates a revenue generation opportunity though sponsored content and campus-approved advertising.
  • Video walls let students and researchers show images larger-than-life, revealing more detail and fostering better collaboration.

School Safety

Most districts have surveillance cameras to insure the safety and security of their campuses. Both storing the video and analyzing it pose challenges; CTS has solutions.

  • Video requires a vast amount of storage and throughput capacity; CTS offers solutions that are reliable, scalable and cost-effective.
  • Video Analytics with License Plate and Facial Recognition software alerts Security when known bad actors are on the premises.
  • Video streams from multiple surveillance cameras can be viewed on one mobile device, giving the Security Team a 365-degree view of the campus.
Security & Endpoint Management

Technology departments in both K-12 and Higher Ed typically manage large numbers of mobile devices and benefit greatly from being able to control them remotely. CTS has the tools to help you work with maximum productivity.

  • Maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Remotely wipe a misplaced device.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication adds layers of security protection.
  • Control who has access to systems and data.
  • Prevent password abuse and sprawl with Single Sign-On.
  • Administer imaging, applying security policies and deploying multiple devices to multiple locations efficiently.
  • Filters prevent access to distracting and undesirable web content.
  • Many districts have BYOD programs; these tools can help you manage how these non-school owned devices access your networks.


The proliferation of mobile devices is leading to the growth of data, as more information is able to be captured. CTS can help find solutions to store it securely and cost-effectively.

  • Some storage solutions are complex and require many IT resources. CTS provides storage solutions which are straightforward and easy to maintain.
  • Data stored in the cloud is accessible through the internet, making it easy to collaborate and share information. Public cloud storage does pose a risk of mission-critical business data being lost or stolen because it is not entirely in your control. CTS offers private cloud storage that delivers the convenience of anytime, anywhere data access that is secure and cost-effective.
  • Hyperconverged storage infrastructure is cost-effective, scalable and easy to deploy.
  • Surveillance video requires vast amounts of high throughput storage. CTS offers solutions that are reliable, easily scalable and competitively priced.

CTS Services

CTS works with hundreds of school districts across the United States to support their mobile technology programs.

  • CTS Deployment Services include imaging, asset-tagging and kitting devices with their peripherals and accessories, for pain-free program launches with minimal burden on your Technology Department.
  • In case a device is damaged, CTS is a repair depot and can help get your devices back in the classroom.
  • CTS provides Extended Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection policies to insure the health of your devices.




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