The concept of allowing employees to choose and own the mobile device they use for business is very attractive. It showcases your business as one that respects its employees and allows them to choose their own technology. Having the same device for both business and personal use increases the productivity of employees.  It can help keep costs down when the employer isn’t responsible for hardware purchases.

There are security concerns, though.  What is the risk to your network when employee-owned devices are accessing your data?  How do you create a secure environment that is flexible for your employees.

MDM has evolved to EMM – Enterprise Mobility Management.  This is a suite of tools that allows you to manage your apps and content even on employee-owned devices, and in the case of a device getting lost, remotely wipe it.  Adopting an EMM solution helps manage a BYOD initiative.

There are other considerations you may want to consider in your BYOD Policy:

• Will you allow apps that aren’t provided by the company or downloaded from iTunes or Google Play?
• What devices/OSs will you support?
• How much will you reimburse employees for devices and carrier service?

CTS and our partners can help you develop a BYOD plan that maximizes productivity and manages cost while promoting employee satisfaction.

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