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Peripherals & Accessories | CTS Govt
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Peripherals & Accessories

CTS offers the Peripherals & Accessories to make the most of your technology deployments by providing productivity benefits. Whether they keep your devices in good working order or add functionality, these tools can make your mobile deployment a success.

  • Charge and sync carts keep your devices ready-to-use while storing them securely.
  • Protective cases help shield your devices from accidental damage.
  • Privacy screens prevent prying eyes from seeing other people’s screens.
  • Attractive kiosks can hold a device to streamline functions such as visitor sign-in.
  • Vehicle mounts secure your devices and keep them positioned for comfortable work.
  • RFID can help you keep track of your assets.
  • mPOS facilitates financial transactions such as in the refreshment stand in your stadium.
  • The world is trending paperless, but printers that connect to mobile devices are still a necessity.

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