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Network & Storage Solutions | CTS Govt

Getting your organization connected and providing effective storage solutions – all while never compromising your security.

We live in an information-centric world. Companies of all sizes have a growing reliance on creating and consuming data, which must be available when and where it is needed. CTS offers the right solution that connects all your company’s resources from applications, facilities, networks, servers, storage hardware, and software.


One of the first considerations of your mobility strategy is how to get connected – to your network, your colleagues and most importantly, your customers.

Signal Quality

A Signal Quality Assessment from CTS can help you insure that you scale your project appropriately.

WLAN / WiFi Networks

WLAN or WiFi networks enable mobile devices to connect without wires. CTS provides both indoor and outdoor access points so that you can connect anywhere you need.

Cellular Carrier Service

Cellular carrier service may be needed for employees who work remotely. CTS assists with activations with the major carriers.

Mobile WiFi

Mobile WiFi in your service vehicles make it easier to capture real-time sales data and track inventory.

Failover Networks

Failover networks take over when WiFi experiences an outage, ensuring that a connection is always available. CTS has a solution that won’t break your budget.

Network Threats

CTS also provides tools to protect your network from external threats, viruses and malware to ensure your company’s network is up and running securely.

CTS gets your organization connected while staying secure.


Once you increase connectivity and the number of devices accessing your network, data will proliferate rapidly. Data storage is essential to business continuity. Storage solutions insure that valuable business data is kept secure and available.

  • Some storage solutions are complex and require many IT resources. CTS provides storage solutions which are straightforward and easy to maintain.
  • Data stored in the cloud is accessible through the internet, making it easy to collaborate and share information. Public cloud storage does pose a risk of loss or theft of mission-critical business data being lost or stolen because it is not entirely in your control. CTS offers private cloud storage that delivers the convenience of anytime, anywhere data access that is secure and cost-effective.
  • Surveillance video requires vast amounts of high throughput storage. CTS offers solutions that are reliable, easily scalable and competitively

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