Leader in Educational Personal Property Insurance Products Since 1971

For over 46 years, Worth Ave. Group and its affiliates have provided a sense of security for thousands of individuals nationwide. Worth Ave. Group specializes in providing electronic device insurance for educational institutions, businesses, and individuals.


Providing solutions for a digital world:

Worth Ave. Group’s low deductibles and affordable premiums make their insurance products attractive to anyone who owns a laptop, digital camera, gaming system, tablet, cell phone or other portable electronic device.


Strengthening the education market by giving back:

Worth Ave. Group has a strong presence in the education market and takes pride in giving back to schools across the nation. They see the direct impact of technology in education and strive to foster that growth when possible. Whether offering technology grants or donating electronic devices, Worth Ave. Group seeks to advance the level of technology used by many schools within their district.


Trusted, proven and reliable insurance provider:

Worth Ave. Group, a family owned business, approaches customer service in a small town style. Each policyholder is handled with the utmost respect allowing for pleasant interaction that allows all questions to be answered effectively, efficiently and kindly. Claims are handled in-house by their adjusters, assuring a hands-on operation to provide immediate processing.

Available on Contracts DIR-SDD-2069, DIR-TSO-3128, DigitalEdge ESD112-DE-15A and TIPS 21111915.

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