Taking Mobility to Endless Possibilities

SOTI is a proven product innovator and EMM Industry leader. Over 17,000 customers across 170 countries rely on SOTI for their EMM needs. SOTI has strong partnerships with hardware manufacturers, providing support for new mobile devices and operating systems well before the competition. SOTI understands the unique requirements of our partner’s industries, including logistics, retail, healthcare, education and field services. SOTI has a strong focus on R&D and is constantly innovating to do whatever it takes to keep their customers happy and successful. Making day to day mobility management easy lets the enterprise take mobility to endless possibilities.

Available on contracts DIR-TSO-3128, DigitalEdge ESD112-DE-16A and TIPS 3071615.

Today’s EMM solutions must do it all; devices, application, content, and security. Whether you need Android, Windows or iOS, SOTI ensures that your business mobility is safe, secure and scalable.

More than the Management of Mobile Devices

In the early days of business mobility, MDM was a powerful tool that helped IT staff manage mobile devices and keep them secure. However, the needs of the company have grown beyond simple MDM; more mobile workers, more types and models of mobile devices, and more capabilities on those devices has significantly increased the mobile management challenge. In addition, your mobile workers need to be as productive on the road as they are in the office. They need access to key business applications and important company content, but everything still needs to be manageable and secure. Today’s mobile businesses need Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

From deployment to retirement, SOTI EMM makes it easy to manage mobile devices and their applications, content and security. It doesn’t matter what make, model or operating system, SOTI’s EMM solution handles BYOD devices as easily as it manages corporate-liable devices. No other EMM vendor can come close to SOTI’s rich history of product innovation and customer satisfaction. Over 17,000 customers across 170 countries rely on SOTI MobiControl for their EMM needs.

Security is a journey, not a destination. SOTI gives you the tools you need to help you on your way – physical, network, data and device security. Let SOTI guide you on your journey to mobile security.

Mobile Security is a Journey

Security is a journey, not a destination. In today’s business world you must do everything you can to maximize mobile security, and keep continuing to do so. Each element of mobile security; physical, network, data and device are mutually dependent. If any one of them is missing, the others are compromised. You need a comprehensive mobile security solution that delivers all of these security elements and builds a solid foundation for your business mobile security needs. In addition, new security threats pop up every day, you need a flexible mobile security solution that can adapt to new security threats before they become a problem.

SOTI EMM does it all, security is their middle name. SOTI enforces device authentication, data encryption and manage certificates to prevent unauthorized device use and data loss. SOTI supports containerization to assure regulatory compliance, and prevent the misuse of valuable company assets. SOTI tracks lost or stolen devices, and can shut them down or remote wipe them in the field if required. The bottom line? SOTI steers you on your journey to mobile security.

Mobile technology has opened a new frontier, the Internet of Things, where almost anything can be connected, managed and secured. SOTI was managing IoT before the market even put a name to it.

SOTI is IoT ready, are you?

Over the last few years we have seen the Internet of Things begin to eclipse the Internet of People in size and complexity. Soon the business world will see billions of new devices and endpoints connected together to form complex business solutions. The IoT is creating new business challenges around scale, interoperability, security and management of devices and endpoints. That is where SOTI comes in.

SOTI is a pioneer in mobility management. For over two decades SOTI has delivered mobility management solutions and led the market with many industry firsts. SOTI was the first to support Zebra Mobile Printers — enabling IT staff to enroll, configure, and manage connected printers along with other their mobile endpoints. SOTI is also working with Microsoft and Vuzix to manage their smartglasses and digital AR (Augmented Reality) solutions. SOTI will follow the emergence of IoT and continue to provide industry leading mobility management for all endpoints, whether you wear it, carry it or drive it.

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