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Available on contracts DigitalEdge ESD112-DE-16A and TIPS 3071615.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Empower your workforce. Protect your organization.

Keep up with the mobile revolution

As the number of workplace mobile devices grows, safeguarding sensitive data is harder than ever before. Samsung SDS Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) satisfies the international standard for computer security certification (CC) by letting admins centrally manage employee access and protects data with next-generation security protocols. The results? More effective, consistent device management across your organization, and increased data security.

What can EMM do for you and your business?

Simplify policy management

EMM lets you apply comprehensive access and control policies across apps and devices. No more confusing silo-based provisioning/de-provisioning.

Reduce admin workloads

The EMM user-portal feature lets you post notices, FAQs, and employee self-service options including device lock, missing device location, and views into enrolled devices.

Enhance security

Secure corporate and employee-owned devices, and control access from a single console. Our EMM solution is built with the highest security standards and holds validations from NIAP/CC as well as the NSA CSfC program.

Keep mission-critical data inside the firewall

EMM’s on-premise approach keeps sensitive data on your servers, behind your enterprise security stack.

Monitor mobile security compliance

EMM’s Admin Console provides a single pane dashboard view of activity, devices, and security violations across your organization

Ensure safe data communications

EMM’s Secure Push Channel for server/device communication lets you skip cumbersome VPN systems by utilizing TLS secured data channels for server/device communications.


Device Management

Use EMM’s Over-the-Air device commands and provisioning to specify security policies by department, individual and location.


Data Management

Control access, protect data and provide a virtual space for business application data.


Enterprise Mobile Apps Store/Catalog

Host your own proprietary app store, a must for enterprises whose apps need to meet stringent policy, security and procurement requirements before distribution.

Application Management

EMM efficiently supplies and distributes business mobile applications, controls access/authority, and monitors usage.


Unified Management

Administer security policies aligned with your organization’s structure and easily distribute enterprise mobile applications.

Video Analytics

Detect, Protect, and Respond

Intelligent surveillance and real-time detection

Safety is top-of-mind in nearly every aspect of life. Security personnel need an intelligent way to keep track of dangerous situations and individuals. Samsung SDS Video Analytics uses advanced imaging technologies to increase situation awareness, manage incidents, and detect as well as communicate real-time events to reduce crime and increase safety.

What can Video Analytics do for you and your business?

Reduce crime and increase safety

Detect designated targets—including objects, faces, and license plates—and analyze data from multiple sources, such as CCTV cameras, for more accurate and responsive event control.


Stay ahead of the game

Easily integrate new and existing surveillance systems with an open standards-based and extensible architecture with an easy-to-use intuitive user interface.


Make the security process more efficient

From detection to response, you can utilize real-time and post hoc analysis and predictive modeling for fast, accurate situation monitoring, review, and decision-making.

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