Welcome to a world where public safety runs on
phones and tablets

Using PublicEye®on their phones, everyone in public safety from the police and fire chiefs to first responders can collaborate to perform their tasks.
  • PublicEye helps the public safety community to serve their citizens better and safely by utilizing the power and ubiquity of the mobile phone.
  • This vision extends to neighboring jurisdictions working as a seamless unit with the potential of a single connected public safety ecosystem serving the whole country.
Available on contract DIR-TSO-xxxx.

PublicEye was developed by Zco Corporation. Zco Corporation is a tried-and-true software development company that has been living and breathing technology for over 25 years.

A proven and reliable vendor choice, Zco is passionate in its mission to create attractive, resilient products for its clients. Its powerhouse team was handpicked for specialties in mobile app development, enterprise software development, and animation services.


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