Enterprise Mobility Management

The Big Bang Theory – how Mobile Device Management exploded to include devices, apps and content


When MDM Just Isn’t Enough …Now What?

In the beginning, there was darkness… and then in a white-hot burst of innovation came the first smartphone, and the world of work was changed forever. IT has been trying to keep up with the demands of mobile workers ever since and Mobile Device Management (MDM) was a pretty good solution. But, of course, innovation marches on and the demand for mobility and need for security has advanced significantly.

How can IT keep up with the ever-expanding universe of mobility?

Enter Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), which encompasses all aspects of mobility that IT must secure and manage. Download this white paper to learn:

  • How the demand for mobile security has changed
  • What organizations of all sizes must do to balance access with security
  • How to enable BYOD programs and be truly device-agnostic
  • How to manage and secure apps–public and enterprise-developed applications
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