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Secure and manage mobile. Fast.

Enterprise mobility that allows users to work effortlessly, collaborate often, and engage customers is the gold standard. But often, security takes a back seat to productivity.

IBM® MaaS360® Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) combines device, app and content management with strong security to simplify how you go mobile. You can monitor for threats and automate compliance to maximize security without compromising the user experience.

Mobile Productivity Solutions

Deploy, safeguard and support smartphones and tablets

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management helps simplify mobile device management by providing visibility and control of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise. The software supports devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

MaaS360 Mobile Device Management provides these features and benefits:

  • Fast enrollment of mobile devices to streamline setup and deployment.
  • Integration with enterprise systems to use existing IT investments for mobile devices.
  • Centralized management to provide full visibility and control of mobile devices in your network.
  • Compliance and security to help you safeguard devices and data.
  • Monitoring and reporting to track, diagnose and resolve device and user issues.

Deploy, manage and protect mobile applications

IBM® MaaS360® Mobile Application Management helps simplify mobile application management. It provides an enterprise app catalog with built-in security and operational lifecycle management capabilities, allowing you to more securely manage apps across mobile devices. App catalogs for iOS and Android have been revamped in collaboration with Apple & Google designers; now offering a native OS experience to users. It’s now easier than ever to discover new, recommended, and popular applications from a single repository.

MaaS360 Mobile Application Management provides these features and benefits:

  • Enterprise app catalog to help you streamline mobile app deployment.
  • Mobile application lifecycle management to help distribute, update, manage and protect public and enterprise mobile apps.
  • Compliance and enforcement to help stop data leaks.
  • App volume purchase program support to help manage and track bulk app licenses.

Distribute, manage and view content on mobile devices

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Content Management provides content management and control in an encrypted container, allowing users to more securely access business documents on their mobile devices.

With MaaS360 Mobile Content Management, you can set security policies for documents and distribute to users, groups or devices. Documents managed through this software can be version controlled, audited and secured through data loss prevention (DLP) and other policy options.

MaaS360 Mobile Content Management provides these features and benefits:

  • Enterprise document catalog to provide a safer way for users to access and view documents on mobile devices.
  • Document lifecycle management to support more consistent and streamlined workflows.
  • Compliance and enforcement to protect documents and files, and prevent data leakage.

A simple, scalable way to distribute, manage and safeguard documents

IBM MaaS360 Content Suite delivers a simple, scalable way to distribute, manage and safeguard documents on smartphones and tablets. It allows employees to view, edit and synchronize their business documents across mobile devices, while providing manageability and control in a security-rich, encrypted container. Each document can have its own security policy and be distributed to users, groups or individual devices, creating a highly personalized and compliant user experience.

Provide security and management of Window PCs and Macs

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management delivers security and management for both Windows PCs and Macs in one console, giving you what you need to manage the entire laptop product lifecycle. Delivered in the same, unified portal for mobile device management, IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management provides over-the-air enrollment, policy configuration, and visibility, control and reporting of your Windows and macOS laptops.


Windows PC management: Manage the entire Windows PC lifecycle by gaining insights in laptop details and taking remote actions.

macOS management: Get visibility of macOS laptops, configure security policies and perform remote actions.

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management Lifecycle: Provide robust laptop management with software distribution, OS patch management and Windows app updates.

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management Location: Locate a laptop with the same ease as locating a smartphone or tablet.

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management Security and Compliance: Deliver critical anti-virus definition updates to laptops.

21Control expenses for your mobile enterprise


IBM MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management helps organizations set corporate-wide expense policies and proactively monitor and track mobile data and application usage. The software allows organizations to set policies that restrict or limit data and voice roaming, and review integrated reporting and analytics. Enterprises can optimize their mobile spend and shift the accountability more to the business and individual employees.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management delivers:

  • Expense control for your mobile enterprise that can help administrators create data and voice usage policies and assign them to supported devices to manage costs.
  • A web-based console for managing wireless plans, data usage trends and policies without the need for additional hardware or professional services.
  • Self-service usage monitoring tools that provide mobile expense management for employees who are using corporate or personal devices.
Here are the four key steps to enjoying the benefits of bring your own device:

Conduct a cost/benefit analysis while deciding how you will enable mobile and who will have access. Not determining a policy is risky: if you don’t, BYOD will “just happen” without controls. Decide on the depth of access to be allowed to each segment of users: “mobile optional,” “mobile enhanced,” or “mobile primary.” Determine mobile device funding and security policies for each segment, then estimate the total IT system and support needed.

Secure and manage

71 percent of CEOs and IT managers say that security is their most significant mobile enterprise challenge. Carefully choose which technologies will be used to manage and secure mobile devices. A smartphone containing confidential data can be stolen or lost—putting sensitive information in the wrong hands. Your mobile enterprise system must be flexible enough to control connections to an ever-growing variety of devices.

Communicate your BYOD policy

39 percent of organizations have already had a data breach due to an employee’s or contractor’s lost or stolen mobile device. Do your people understand the risks? Communicate which data may be accessed and which devices are appropriate. Make rules clear to employees up-front—what they may or may not do—and provide lessons on how to comply and get the most out of their access.


Guaranteed, there will be many more calls to your Help Desk concerning a wide variety of devices, and the answers will take longer to find. This is where you need to invest up-front to gain the long-term benefit of granting your employees access through personal devices.

Support rugged devices alongside smartphones, tablets, and laptops

Today’s businesses rely on mobile devices and their apps to make mission-critical decisions from any location. Whether they are in hard hat areas, around the operating table, or inside the factory, the extra durability afforded by rugged devices is crucial in achieving total reliability.

IBM MaaS360 Ruggedized Device Management makes it easy to view, manage and secure rugged Android devices in parallel with other smartphones, tablets, and laptops in your environment. After completing a quick, easy, over-the-air mobile device management (MDM) enrollment process, you can begin configuring rugged devices for secure enterprise resource access and optimizing them with the right apps and content.

MaaS360 Ruggedized Device Management includes support for:

  • Rugged Android mobile devices running version 2.2+
  • Cross-industry use cases including healthcare, retail, healthcare, transportation and distribution
  • Android for Work in kiosk deployments
  • Google Play™ and enterprise app management for a personalized workplace experience
  • Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes, and Google Apps™ with secure content collaboration, edit and sync

Mobile Security Solutions

Enterprise data loss prevention solution for mobile devices

IBM MaaS360 Productivity Suite delivers an enterprise data loss prevention solution with consistent and seamless workflows for iOS, Android and other devices. It enables employees to securely access corporate data while preserving their mobile experience. Users can seamlessly switch between email, calendar, browser, chat and docs through a separate and security-rich office productivity application. Shortcuts and swipe gestures have been added, making it easier to navigate and take quick actions.

Protects access to corporate email on mobile devices

IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Mail provides a separate and security-rich office productivity application for users to access, contain and manage their corporate email, calendar, contacts and chat on mobile devices. Through authentication and authorization, only approved users can access sensitive emails and data. With policies to control the flow of data, you can restrict sharing by users, forwarding of attachments and copying and pasting.MaaS360 Secure Mobile Mail offers:

  • An office productivity app with email, calendar, contacts and chat that provides control of enterprise email on mobile devices.
  • Protected access to corporate emails that allows employees to safely collaborate with colleagues.
  • Enforced authentication and authorization controls that allow only approved users to access sensitive emails and data.
  • Innovative, security-rich features that help you access and manage company email, IM and attachments.
Controls access to the web on mobile devices

IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser safeguards data and increases productivity by controlling access to corporate intranet and public websites for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. It is a full-featured web browser that enforces compliance of company security policies. The software helps to define website filtering and content policies to help ensure that users only access approved web content—reducing the vulnerability from risky websites.

MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser provides:

  • A full-featured web browser that protects corporate data and increases productivity for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.
  • A centralized management platform that provides your employees with protected access to corporate intranet sites and networks with no VPN required.
  • Control of the mobile internet experience through granular security policies.
  • A solution to your mobile web challenges that covers a wide range of business needs.
Provides mobile malware prevention and enhanced active protection

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management allows you to detect, analyze and remediate enterprise malware on mobile devices. It provides advanced jailbreak, root and hider detection with over-the-air updates for security definitions. Administrators can configure compliance policies based on these advanced threats and remediate vulnerabilities—improving the security of bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate-owned devices.

MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management delivers:

  • Mobile malware detection and remediation on iOS and Android devices to help protect your organization against fraud and data breaches.
  • Supplemental jailbreak and root detection that let you set security policies and compliance rules to automate remediation.
  • A robust mobile security solution that helps defend your enterprise data from rogue apps and malicious websites.
Designed for simple, secure mobile access to enterprise resources

IBM MaaS360 Gateway Suite offers products that provide mobile access to resources behind the firewall such as SharePoint, Microsoft Windows file sharing content, intranet sites and app data. It does not require changes to your network, firewall security configuration or device virtual private network (VPN) for access. IBM MaaS360 Gateway Suite helps secure content using authorization, encryption and containerization policies.

Integrate enterprise-level security in your mobile applications

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Application Security enables an application container for your enterprise and third-party apps, providing operational and security management for iOS, Android and other devices.

The software helps you enforce authentication, set up single sign-on across containerized apps and configure data leak prevention (DLP) controls. You can improve efficiency and security with app-level tunneling for protected access to corporate data, compliance checks and automated enforcement actions.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Application Security can help your organization:

  • Protect enterprise applications with containerization to secure both private and public apps.
  • Enforce authentication and access control with single sign-on access to containerized apps, security policies and other features.
  • Wrap apps with security controls to streamline workflows and deployment.
  • Enable app security with the SDK option to apply controls directly in the app code.
Take back control of your access management with an integrated appliance for web, mobile and cloud

IBM Security Access Manager enables businesses to more securely adopt web, mobile, and cloud technologies and simplifies user access management for employees and consumers.

It simplifies and secures user experiences with single sign-on across applications and protects critical assets using strong multi-factor authentication and risk-based access. It also enables the mobile enterprise with mobile access control policies that integrate with mobile device management, mobile application development and malware detection solutions. Furthermore, it helps bridge the access control gap between on-premise and cloud environments.

This highly scalable and configurable access management solution is available as a virtual or hardware appliance. The appliance form factor is not only easy-to-deploy-and- manage but also provides faster time-to-value and reduces total-cost-of-ownership.

IBM Security Access Manager integrated appliance is designed to:

  • Manage Access in the world of Hybrid Cloud: Enable SSO and identity federation to apps running inside & outside of the enterprise.
  • Provide risk-aware access security for mobile apps and APIs: Transparently register mobile devices and enforce user-centric authentication policies.
  • Remove barriers to mobile productivity: Enable more convenient and secure access to enterprise resources from mobile.

IBM Cloud Security Enforcer is a cloud-delivered Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution that helps you securely accelerate your adoption of cloud applications. The solution provides cloud application visibility, identity & access management, and threat intelligence.

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