For more than three decades, Ergotron has offered affordable ergonomic products to computer users bringing comfort, wellness and improved productivity into the workplace.


Charging Systems

Store, charge & manage any mobile device: Chromebook, iPad, laptop or tablet.

Charging Carts

Desktop Cabinets

Wall Cabinets

Certification Matters

Ergotron charging systems have redundant safety features, because the individual components AND the entire integrated product are fully certified and listed to UL standards. With safety certification, you need not worry about electrical, fire or physical hazards common to competitive brands that are unlisted.

The System for You

Ergotron has the broadest and best selection of systems, with charging solutions for any mobile device: iPad, Chromebook, tablets, laptops and more. We can help you find the perfect cart, wall mount or desktop cabinet to fit your space and workflow requirements. Download our comparison matrix.

Safe & Certified

Ergotron is certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant. This shows our commitment to best-practice procedures. Their products undergo a testing regimen unequaled in the industry.

Human-Centered Designs

Ergotron incorporates truly ergonomic principles based on scientific anthropometric studies, accommodating up to 95% of the population.

Available on contracts DIR-SDD-2069, DigitalEdge ESD112-DE-15A and TIPS 2111915.

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