Cradlepoint helps distributed and mobile enterprises extend, augment or complement their existing network infrastructure with Cloud-Based Wired & Wireless WAN Solutions.

All networks are not created equal—nor should they be. Industries and markets have unique challenges and opportunities, and look for specific benefits from their Edge networking where their customers thrive. Cradlepoint solutions power the always-connected distributed and mobile enterprise—joining data, cloud, security, and the evolving IoT with intelligent networking. Cradlepoint helps distributed enterprises improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences by delivering Broadband and LTE WAN networking solutions engineered to perform exactly as needed.


Available on contracts DIR-SDD-3128, DigitalEdge ESD112-DE-15A and TIPS 1071615.

No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime so the question isn’t whether your business will lose connectivity to the Internet, the question is how to protect your organization from loss and disruption when it does happen. Check out our Network Failover Solutions to learn how you can avoid becoming a statistic.

How Healthy is your Internet Security?

Receive an instant risk assessment to see how effectively you’re stopping threats, protecting your users and safeguarding your company’s intellectual property. You’ll also get recommendations for closing any gaps.It’s free, confidential, and safe.

Why take the test? Cradlepoint | Zscaler’s instant scan can pinpoint security gaps to help you take action today.


Network Solutions for Transportation

Whether it’s mass transit WiFi, real-time connectivity for first responders, or service fleet database access, in-vehicle networks are transforming how organizations connect from the road with Cradlepoint solutions.

With Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM), the network management service from Cradlepoint NetCloud, distributed and mobile enterprises are saving time, money and resources when deploying and managing their network.



Parallel Networking & Security Solutions

  • Protect your main network by putting 3rd party or M2M/IoT applications on 4G LTE
  • Save IT resources by saving time, expertise, and money spent managing monolithic networks
  • Minimize IT effort required to maintain PCI Compliance

Protect Your Investment Through Cloud-Based Security

Cradlepoint is the industry leader in deploying, securing, and managing the Network’s Edge. Get peace of mind and ensure the best possible experience for your connected locations with our world-class products and cloud management.



IoT & M2M Network Solutions

M2M and IoT deployments can improve efficiencies in your business operations. Access to real-time, actionable data can make organizations smarter, more nimble, allow them to better manage resources, protect assets, deploy intelligent cloud applications, and quickly respond to rapidly changing conditions.


Law Enforcement

Pike County & City of Troy Use 4G LTE to Enable Quicker, More Reliable Communication During Emergencies

When Pike County emergency 911 dispatch, the police, and the fire departments in Troy, Alabama, began updating their systems with high-impact technologies such as Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and electronic records, local officials knew they would need more reliable, secure connections. In the interest of constantly improving public safety, these agencies needed quicker communication and remote network management—without having to worry about network downtime.


City of San Antonio Future-Proofs Traffic Management System With Cradlepoint 4G LTE Networking

With its population rapidly expanding and its traffic management system needing much better reliability and flexibility, the City of San Antonio, Texas, turned to 4G LTE connectivity through Cradlepoint’s primary Edge routing platforms with Enterprise Cloud Manager, the network management service available in the Cradlepoint NetCloud platform.
Now San Antonio’s traffic network has reliable connectivity with the ability to expand and begin using untapped technology and applications to improve traffic flow and maximize civic resources.


Skokie Library Bookmobile Upgrades to 4G LTE Connectivity to Better Serve Community

The Skokie Public Library Bookmobile is a mobile library vehicle that has several scheduled stops around Skokie, Illinois and serves residents of all ages by offering library checkout, requests, reservations, and returns. By upgrading to Cradlepoint’s 4G LTE platforms, the Skokie Bookmobile now has stable, reliable, and highly available network connectivity.

K-12  Education

Cradlepoint Helps California School District Ensure No Child is Left Offline

It’s disturbing to think that still today five million households with school-aged children are not connected to the Internet—a resource that can be critical for families and student success. The Coachella Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) in California is eliminating the digital divide with “WiFi on Wheels” across the second poorest school district in the U.S. to ensure no student is left offline.

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