Centrify protects against the leading point of attack used in data breaches ―
compromised credentials.

Available on contracts DIR-SDD-2069, DigitalEdge ESD112-DE-16A and TIPS 3071615.

Centrify Products

Centrify products provide full identity security for employees, customers, partners, privileged IT admins and outsourced IT.

Cloud Identity, Mobility and Mac Management

Centrify Identity Service improves end-user productivity and secures access to cloud, mobile and on-premises apps via single sign-on, user provisioning and multi-factor authentication. Supports internal users (employees, contractors) and external users (partners, customers). Manage apps, mobile devices and Macs via Active Directory, LDAP or cloud identity stores.

Manage and Secure All Users


  • Control access to cloud and mobile apps and manage the devices used to access them
  • Improve security by eliminating easily cracked, recycled or improperly stored passwords
  • Keep sensitive directory info where you want it: on-site in LDAP or Active Directory, in cloud or any combination
  • Create comprehensive user access policies that span across apps and devices
  • Enforce deeper security with per-app policies and context-aware multi-factor authentication
  • Manage and control application provisioning and entitlements
  • Secure your BYOD initiatives through integrated, cloud-based mobile device management (MDM)


  • Enable social login from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft
  • Provide SSO across disparate tools, sites, apps or services
  • Give users a consistent login experience across your brand
  • Speed onboarding of new customer accounts
  • Free developers from the hassles of identity/user management
  • Use secure standards like SAML and OpenID Connect
  • Eliminate standalone silos of identity to reduce IT overhead

Business Partners

  • Give partners secure access to just the resources you allow
  • Let your partners manage their own employee identities
  • Implement access policy that meets your needs, without having to manage partner policy
  • Enable simple multi-factor authentication for partners as needed, without investing in additional infrastructure
  • Avoid complex implementation and risky firewall changes

Single Sign-on (SSO) for Cloud & Mobile Apps

One-click access to your cloud, mobile and on-premises apps. No more forgotten passwords, no more user confusion. Supports internal users (employees, contractors) and external users (partners, customers).

Centrify Identity Service provides turnkey SSO access to thousands of popular apps and adding your own takes just seconds with Infinite Apps.

Any App.  Any Device.  Anywhere. Internal or External Users.

Automated Account Management

From the day they start to the day they depart, manage employees’ access to all their apps from any source: Active Directory, LDAP, Cloud Directory or external identity.

Create accounts, automate app requests with workflows and revoke access from all devices when necessary — from a central control point.

Access granted.  Access removed.  Instantly.

Protect App Data, without User Hassle

Leverage your users’ mobile devices as a second factor for app authentication. SMS, email, voice or secure OTP — implement MFA without the hassle.

Centrify Identity Service provides context-aware, step-up authentication based on per-app policy. Without the hassle for your users.

Protect data.  Simplify access.  From any device.

Integrated Mobile Device and App Management

Identity-based policy is the lifeblood of BYOD. Secure and manage the devices used to access cloud and mobile apps through fully-integrated mobile device and app management capabilities.

Push apps, policy, certificates and more — and pull it all back when devices are lost or stolen.

Enable mobility.  Maintain IT control.  One solution.

Identity-based Security and Management for Macs

Join Macs to Active Directory, and provide SSO to your Mac users. Leverage Active Directory Group Policy to manage Macs just like Windows machines.

Lock and wipe remote Macs, and control FileVault2 encryption. Apply granular OS X policies. Leverage identity to securely manage Macs in your business.

User policy.  Domain login.  Unified management.

Access and Password Management for the Modern Enterprise

Combines the ability to securely manage and audit access to infrastructure with shared account password management for internal users, outsourced IT and third party vendors. Includes choice of cloud or on-premises deployment.

Benefits of Centrify Privilege Service


Better manage vendor access
Enable secure remote access to data center and cloud-based infrastructures for internal users, third party vendors and outsourced IT through a cloud service or on-premises deployment.

Reduce risk of security breach when sharing privileged accounts
Minimize risks associated with privileged accounts — that are increasingly the focus of hackers and malicious insiders — by enforcing centralized control and multi-factor authentication when accessing shared credentials.

Simplify compliance efforts for privileged accounts
Leverage privileged session monitoring and access reporting to make compliance efforts for privileged accounts efficient and effective.


Increase access security
Grant internal and outsourced IT secure remote access to the specific data center and cloud-based infrastructure they manage without the increased risk of giving out full VPN access.

Enforce centralized control over privileged accounts
Control who can access privileged account credentials, audit all password check-in/check-out and record privileged sessions leveraging a cloud service, private cloud or data center deployment.

Enable cost effective compliance and audits for privileged accounts
Easily prove compliance with reports showing who has access to privileged and shared accounts and who has used them, supported by full video capture of privileged sessions.


Easily access servers and network infrastructure
Gain access to servers and network infrastructure without the need to establish a VPN connection to the data center or cloud.

Get the access you need
Single service for accessing shared administrative account credentials and single-click access to the infrastructure you manage in the data center and the cloud.

Single location for emergency access to super-user passwords
Get emergency access to super-user passwords for servers and network infrastructure to support break-glass scenarios.


Secure Remote Access to Infrastructure without a VPN

Provide remote administrators, outsourced IT and third party vendors with secure access to the specific servers and network equipment they manage — on-premises and in the cloud. Context-aware multi-factor authentication combined with VPN-less access and a choice of deployment models deliver the robust security your hybrid IT environment demands.


Simplified Management of Privileged and Shared Account Passwords

Secure and manage super user and service accounts on servers and network devices, both on-premises and in the cloud. Auto-rotate passwords after checkout. Provide security for the modern enterprise where IT is increasingly outside the firewall with a secure service that is faster to implement and delivers quicker ROI.


Time-bound and Monitored Access to Privileged Accounts

Minimize your attack surface with governed access to privileged account credentials and remote sessions. Keep control with request and approval workflows, time-bound access and privileged session monitoring. Capture who requested access and who approved it, and easily reconcile approved access with actual access by internal users, outsourced IT and third party vendors for privileged access governance.


Identity Flexibility for the Hybrid Cloud

Simplify user authentication to Linux servers from any directory service including Active Directory, LDAP or cloud directories such as Google’s. Organizations can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without compromising the level of privileged access security and enterprise access they currently have on-premises.


Detailed Monitoring and Reporting of Privileged Sessions

Consistently monitor privileged sessions, whether using shared accounts or user accounts with privilege elevation, for servers and network devices, both on-premises and cloud-based. Establish accountability and streamline regulatory compliance through session auditing, video replay, search capabilities and comprehensive compliance reporting. IT teams can pinpoint suspicious activity, troubleshoot system failures, and perform forensic investigations into breaches.

Identity Consolidation, Privilege Management and Audit

Combines comprehensive bridging of Linux and UNIX systems to Active Directory with powerful privilege management, multi-factor authentication and session monitoring across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems. Net result is increased security, improved compliance and comprehensive reporting and auditing.

Benefits of Unified Identity Management Across Windows, Linux and UNIX Systems


Reduce risk of security breach
Protect critical information and minimize attack surface by providing only necessary access levels to IT systems.

Make compliance efforts efficient and effective
Easily prove who has access to what IT resource, and how that access is used across the enterprise.

Accelerate time-to-value with a proven partner
Achieve rapid value through an experienced identity management leader with over 5,000 customers.

Thwart in-progress attacks via MFA
Stop attackers using stolen credentials with multi-factor authentication (MFA).


Increase security and accountability
Associate privileged activity with an individual versus a shared account when users log in as themselves and elevate privilege as needed.

Speed deployment and reduce integration costs
Deliver identity consolidation, MFA, privilege management, auditing and reporting for Windows, Linux and UNIX systems with one solution.

Improve operating efficiencies and lower TCO
Leverage existing investments in technology and skill sets. Productivity improves when access, privilege and audit policies are managed from a centralized point of control — Active Directory.

Sustain compliance and simplify IT audits
Streamline the audit process via a 360-degree view of what users can access and when, and record their activities.


Easily access servers and applications
Administrators log in through Active Directory and get secure SSO access and the privileges they need across Windows, Linux and UNIX servers and applications.

Administer servers, apps and services the way you always have
Administrators log in as themselves and seamlessly elevate privilege as required to do their job without disruption to their current routines.

Get the access you need
Centrally managed access assigned through roles provides users with faster access and fewer time-consuming errors — all through your existing Active Directory infrastructure.


Manage Identities for Cross-platform Systems in Active Directory

Secure Linux, UNIX, Mac and mobile devices with the same consistent identity management services currently deployed for your Windows systems. An integrated set of tools centralizes discovery, management and user administration for Linux and UNIX systems to enable rapid identity consolidation into Active Directory.


Reinforce Secure Access to Critical Systems

Add an extra layer of security to protect against hackers by configuring multi-factor authentication (MFA) for IT administrators who access Windows, Linux and UNIX systems and require elevated privileges. Define authentication profiles with a selection of authentication challenges that will be trusted.


Simplify Privilege Management for Windows, Linux and UNIX

Secure mission-critical servers from identity-related insider risks and outsider attacks. Simplify the implementation of a least privilege access model across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems. Streamline the creation and management of administrative roles and rights with a robust set of tools that automate much of the process.


Detailed Monitoring and Reporting of Privileged Sessions

Eliminate anonymous activity by associating all privileged activity with an individual vs. a shared account. Unique session auditing, video replay, search capabilities and comprehensive compliance reporting establish accountability and streamline regulatory compliance. IT teams can pinpoint suspicious activity, troubleshoot system failures, and perform forensic investigations into breaches.


Dynamically Segment and Isolate Cross-Platform Systems

Prevent unauthorized access to trusted computing resources and data, add policy-driven protection against network attacks for mixed Windows, Linux and UNIX environments and improve regulatory compliance. Secure access to sensitive information by isolating and protecting systems and by enabling end-to-end encryption of data-in-motion without the need for costly and complex network devices.

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