Driving the Mobile Support Experience

AetherPal is leading the next big transformation in Enterprise Mobility providing enterprises and mobile operators with Mobile Support Management (MSM) software that drives an on-demand mobile support experience. Their mobile first product portfolio delivers a scalable, secure mobile support platform that provides real-time application and device support for a geographically dispersed mobile workforce.


AetherPal Products


AetherPal has introduced Valet – an industry-first mobile support app that transforms the mobile support experience through a real-time, on-demand self service and messaging platform.  Valet empowers end users to adopt a self help support model that drives rapid problem resolution for Enterprise application and device issues.

Valet provides immediate support for key use cases including password reset, email issues and account lock-out.  Valet’s application support guides and tutorials walk end users through basic ‘how to’ questions within the app.  Valet provides the ability to create and manage mobile trouble tickets eliminating the need to call the IT Help Desk.  Valet’s remote screen sharing capabilities provide visibility for IT support teams.   Push notifications of service bulletins provide mobile users with real-time, mission critical status updates.

Valet places mobile support in the hands of end users to drive productivity and lower downtime, while significantly reducing IT support costs.





Remote Support

Remote Support enables a Customer Support Representative (CSR) to establish a secure remote support session with a customer’s mobile device. After securing permission, a CSR can view and take control of a customer’s smartphone or tablet to quickly resolve application, device and network issues.

When Remote Support is used, mobile operators experience significantly enhanced customer satisfaction leading to increased Net Promoter Scores, while significantly reducing support costs and device returns.

Our Remote Support product is deployed globally at multiple Tier 1 mobile operators and installed on over 25 million devices. Remote Support is used daily by 8,000+ CSRs conducting over four million remote control sessions.




Remote Support for Work

Remote Support leverages Google’s Android for Work framework to effectively provide remote support for your Work Profile, ensuring your personal data stays personal.

IT Help Desk staff will gain visibility into individual applications residing in the Work Profile to troubleshoot and resolve issues. IT support staff will be able to view and interact with settings such as WiFi, VPN and email configuration to enable use of these services.

AetherPal’s industry leading security, privacy and consent features allow IT Administrators to set policies and controls over Enterprise applications supported on Android devices.


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