Acer Chromebook

The ideal Chromebook


Amazing Mobility

Slip the Acer Chromebook into your bag and work from anywhere, without recharging, because it has enough battery life to last all day long on a single charge.


Vivid display

Indulge your eyes and see everything in vivid detail on the Acer Chromebook’s Full HD1 display.


The quickest connection

The Acer Chromebook features the latest 802.11ac2 wireless technology, for a smooth internet experience at connection speeds that are up to three times faster than that of previous-generation wireless technologies.



Fast boot-up

The Acer Chromebook starts within 8 seconds3, so you can wait less and do more.


Sleek design

At less than an inch thin and extremely light, the Acer Chromebook is the perfect tool for on-the-go computing. Plus, it sports a fan-less1 design for whisper-quiet computing.

Available on contracts DigitalEdge ESD112-DE-15A and TIPS 2111915.

1. Specifications vary depending on model.
2. Based on the IEEE 802.11ac draft specification. Actual speed will vary based on range, connection rate, site conditions, size of network, and other factors.
3. Boot-up time may vary depending on model.

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